Micro Gaiwan with Travel Pouch

Ru He

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Turns out people really love tiny little gaiwans. Besides being tiny and adorable, they are also useful for solo sessions and for enjoying those extra-special teas without using up your precious leaves. Along with its matching single-serving cup, this miniature gaiwan has a volume of 33 ml and can produce a full-flavored infusion using only 1-2 grams of leaves. Since the cup can hold the full volume of the gaiwan, there's no need for a gong dao bei - together the gaiwan and cup comprise a full tea set for one. They pack away into a beautiful cushioned pouch that can fit easily into a purse or pocket, so you can be ready to serve yourself perfectly-steeped tea any time. 

4 Reviews

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    Perfect for trying new teas

    Posted by Caroline Ferro on Jan 27th 2024

    Being able to use a smaller amount of leaves really takes the pressure off when trying out nicer/more expensive teas

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    Posted by Joel Farr on Jan 8th 2024

    This Gaiwan is a beautifully made piece, the size is very convenient for shorter sessions and travel.

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    Fabulous peice of kit...

    Posted by Stephen Cull on Aug 25th 2023

    Love this little gem - it's well balanced and very comfortable in the hand, it holds heat well, the material is extremely high quality (tap the empty cup or gaiwan bowl with a fingernail and it rings like a bell), and the size turns out to be rediculously useful. As a mostly solo practitioner my everyday gaiwans are 60 mls and my favorite teapot is 90, so I like small teaware already, but the 30 ml is amazing. I can take a quick nip of an old favorite if the mood strikes, make a sample of something new go farther so I can explore it's nuances more fully, and just get more tea in without getting myself so buzzed or tea drunk it messes with the rest of my day. I can't sing this things praises enough, so I hope it gets restocked since I want a couple more...

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    Love it

    Posted by Steve R on Apr 22nd 2022

    Just started using this little gaiwan and already love it. It really does produce a full-flavored infusion. I got two so I can do tea comparisons with them. Great for testing teas or producing super rich shots while only using a small amount of leaves. Can't wait to try taking it on the go as well. Great product!