Mutton Fat Jade Xishi Teapot Starter Set

Le Tao

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675.00 Grams
150 mL

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By popular request, we have put together complete sets of tea ware comprising everything you need to serve tea. This set includes our popular Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain Xishi Teapot, with a matching gong dao bei and 3 cups. This is a gan pao set, designed to be used with or without a Cha Pan. The soft, matte, translucent character of the Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain gives it a uniquely ethereal quality and feeling. Both the teapot and gong dao bei have extremely precise and clean pours. The teapot is the largest primary vessel made of Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain that we sell: at 150 ml, it serves 8-10 people.