One Seat Mountain Dragon Ball 手制坐山白茶龍球

Li Shulin

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Handmade One Seat Mountain White Tea Dragon Ball (手制坐山白茶龍球, Shǒuzhì Yī Zuò Shān Bái Chá Lóng Qiú, "Handmade One Seat Mountain White Tea Dragon Ball") In the summer of 2021 our main tea farmer, Li Shulin, lost his home, tea collection, tea processing equipment, and car to a fire. Through the generous donations of our community we were able to support him financially in buying a new house and tea processing facility. In the interim, he produced a single fall harvest's worth of tea. Lacking tea processing machinery, all of this tea is fully handmade. 

Made from tea from One Seat Mountain 一坐山 (Yī Zuò Shān), this is the first non-Nannuo Mountain tea we've gotten from Li Shulin. One Seat Mountain is located between Nannuo Mountain, where he retains his tea fields (they weren't harmed by the fire), and his new home in Man Le. This tea is softer than Nannuo tea and has a sweet, syrupy character.