Pear Yixing Purple Sand Clay Teapot 梨宜興陳紫砂茶壺

Xiao Zhu Xuan

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200.00 Grams
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Pear Yixing Purple Sand Clay Teapot (梨宜興陳紫砂茶壺, Lí Yíxìng Chén Zǐshā Cháhú, "Pear Yixing Purple Sand Clay Teapot") Li Xing Hu, or Pear pot, is one of the most classic teapot shapes and the first shape that teapot artist Cheng Zhu learned how to make. This 165ml pot is made from a sandy grade of Yixing Zisha, or Purple Sand clay. This is one of the largest Yixing pots we currently carry. 

Yixing clay is porous and should be dedicated to a single type of tea. As it develops a patina with use, it will improve the character of tea steeped in it.