2017 Placeholder Shu Pu'er Bing 替工熟普洱餅

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357.00 Grams
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2017 Placeholder Shu Pu'er Bing (替工熟普洱餅, Tì Gōng Shú Pǔ'ěr Bǐng, “Substitute Shu Pu'er Bing") - So, as many of you know, our Pu'er farmer Li Shulin recently lost his home and all of the teas from his 21-year career to a fire, including all his Shu Pu'er. He's currently able to produce Sheng and Red Tea, but he's going to need to establish a workshop to ferment tea before he can make Shu Pu'er. In the meantime, he's sourced this tea for us from one of his colleagues on Nannuo Mountain. It's not Li's tea, but it is an excellent tea - rich, smooth, small-pile fermented, this tea is our "placeholder" that allows us to offer an inexpensive, small farm Shu Pu'er bing until Li is fermenting again.