Red Yixing Clay Cup 紅宜興泥杯

Xiao Zhu Xuan

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42.00 Grams
20 ml

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Made from Yixing Hongni ("Red Clay", as opposed to Zhuni "Crimson Clay"), these tiny cups are designed for the Chaozhou market and come to us from Xiao Zhu Xuan Studio in Chaozhou. Xiao Zhu Xuan is a pottery studio but they do not make these cups; these are slip-cast YIxing clay cups from Yixing, sourced by a Chaozhou pottery studio to pair with their Yixing Clay teapots which they make themselves. The traditional Chaozhou style of gong fu cha uses a small pot and three of these diminutive cups, which have a volume of 20 ml when 2/3 full. 

As these cups are made of unglazed Yixing clay, they will Yang (patina) and take on the flavor of the tea used in them. We offer three different colors so you can get sets for three different kinds of tea.