Rose Petal + Red Tea Dragon Ball 玫瑰紅茶龍求

Li Shulin

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8.00 Grams

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Rose Petal + Red Tea Dragon Ball (玫瑰紅茶龍求, Méi Gui Hóng Chá Lóng Qiú, "Rose Red Tea Dragon Ball") - This is part of a series of flower dragon balls that we commissioned from Li Shulin by request for a special order. We liked them so much that we decided to add them to our catalog. Made with Li's sun-dried Dian Hong (Yunnan Red Tea) combined with rose petals. Rose is prized for its intoxicating fragrance throughout the world. Unlike commercially-available rose-scented teas, this dragon ball contains only rose petals and red tea, resulting in a more subtle, delicate rose taste that complements the flavor and fragrance of the red tea without overwhelming the palate. Each dragon ball weighs ~8 grams and produces a full-bodied, long-lasting pot of tea. Very well-suited for big-pot or glass tea service.