Sand Monk Lid Rest

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2.00 Grams
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沙僧 Shā Sēng or "Sand Monk" is one of the characters from the Journey to the West. Along with the Monkey King and Pigsy, he is tasked with escorting the Buddhist monk Tripitaka to India to retrieve the Sutras. Originally a man-eating river demon tormented by flying swords, he renounces his violent ways and converts to Buddhism, becoming one of Tripitaka's bodyguards. The exploits of these four as they battle monsters on their way to retrieve the Sutras is detailed in the Chinese classic novel Journey To the West.

She Seng is rendered in Yixing red clay with his classic attributes, his beard and his monk's beads, the latter of which used to be a necklace of skulls before they were transformed by Guanyin. He will be the steadfast bodyguard of your teapot lid, providing a safe and aesthetic perch for it between steepings.