Si Ting Yixing Crimson Clay Teapot 朱泥思亭

Xiao Zhu Xuan

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78.00 Grams
80 mL

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Si Ting Crimson Clay Teapot (朱泥思亭壺, Zhū Ní Sī Tíng Hú, "Crimson Clay Thought Pavilion Pot") - The Si Ting is one of the most classical and elegant teapot shapes. The name Si Ting is difficult to translate; Si 思 means "thought, interest, to contemplate, consider, reminisce." A Ting 亭 is a traditional Chinese pavilion - an open structure with a curved, sloping roof and no walls, supported by columns, usually placed in a garden or scenic area for people to sit in and enjoy nature. 

With its delicate handle, tall, pear-like body, and long vertical spout, this pot has a very crisp, clean, and directed pour. It is composed of authentic Yixing Zhuni crimson clay, which is rare to the point of being commercially extinct. Crimson clay is known for amplifying the characteristics of tea that is made in it. This small teapot is 80 milliliters and would be perfect for Wuyi and Phoenix oolongs, red teas, high-temperature green teas, aged white teas, and fermented teas.