Smoke Bomb Gu Shu Bama Sheng Pu'er Dragon Ball 古樹巴馬生茶龍球

Li Shulin

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8.00 Grams
Ancient Tree:
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Smoke Bomb Gu Shu Bama Sheng Pu'er Dragon Ball(古樹巴馬生茶龍球,Gǔ Shù Bā Mǎ Shēng Chá Lóng Qiú, "Ancient Tree Bama Raw Pu'er Dragon Ball") -  Here at West China Tea we're huge fans of Bama tea. Bama is the name of a small stream that runs down Nannuo Mountain, starting in the Duoyi Village region and cutting down through Yakou Village. The tea that grows in this region is known for its high quality, and became famous in the 1970's when it was gifted to Mao Zedong during one of his visits to Xishuangbanna. Once abundant with ancient trees, the majority of these have been cut down. While we have gotten several different Sheng pu'er and red teas from the Bama area in the past, this is our first time getting access to the highly-sought-after gushu (ancient tree) Bama material. This prized tea is rare and expensive, and so rather than making full size bings (or even miniature bings) out of this tea, Li Shulin made a limited batch of 8 gram dragon balls.

We named these "smoke bombs" because they have a distinctive smoky fragrance, with an exquisite complex bitterness and resonant, persistent Huigan (returning sweetness) that lingers on the palette. Known for its potent and euphoric Qi, this dragon ball typifies the special character and depth of Bama sheng pu'er.

2 Reviews

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    Smoke Bomb's DA BOMB!!!

    Posted by Nobuaki Sato on Feb 13th 2024

    Fragrance of dried flowers and tree resin(smokiness), broth-like umami, throat-soothing astringency in the back, can't ask for more from a sheng pu'er. After one session, it made my head feel like a disco ball radiating beams of light throughout the room. I'm not gonna be sleeping for a good while.

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    very impressed

    Posted by Eric Smith on Jul 10th 2023

    smoke bomb is a perfect name for this tea. this tea has so much going on for being in a tight little package. very easy to open up leaves and full unbroken leaves can be seen. This tea is may keep you awake. I enjoy the returning sweetness from this tea. smoked flavor is not overpowering, you know it's there but mixed with the gushu/Bama notes. very affordable tea for someone wanting to get into gushu.