Square Tea Ware Storage Box

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1,800.00 Grams

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This elegant wooden box features two layers constructed with traditional Chinese joinery techniques. The layers stack seamlessly onto each other and are suspended by a graceful overhead handle.

The top layer is about 2.5" deep features a removable wooden cross that divides the interior into four sections, making it ideal for holding individual pieces of tea ware that can chip or break if they knock against each other during transport. It can also be used to store and separate different kinds of teas, especially single serving dragon balls or mini tuo. The bottom layer is deeper (~4") and is a simple open chamber, ideal for storing bings, cloths, bags or tins of tea, and other sundry tea-things.

The natural wood finish and woven bamboo lid evoke the traditional Chinese scholar aesthetic that values simplicity. A gorgeous way to transport your tea and tea wares.