Stone Weight Yixing Crimson Clay Teapot 石飄宜興朱泥茶壺

Xiao Zhu Xuan

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123.00 Grams
100 mL

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Stone Weight Yixing Crimson Clay Teapot (石飄宜興朱泥茶壺, Shí Piāo Yíxìng Zhūní Cháhú, "Stone Weight Yixing Crimson Clay Teapot") - This classic shape is often translated "Stone Weight" but more literally means "Stone Float." The imposing design, tapering to a wide base from a narrow mouth and featuring three feet and an ox-nose style lid, dates back to the Qing dynasty. It achieved popularity through its reputation for having mystical powers - it was said that dirty water would be made clear when scooped using this particular pot. While we don't advise using this pot as a freshwater sanitation measure, it does have excellent heat retention due to its narrow mouth, a strong and precise pour from the broad base and graceful spout, and an airtight seal. It is made from authentic Yixing Zhu Ni clay, the celebrated and increasingly-rare crimson specie of Yixing clays. 

The wide base of this pot make it ideal for steeping high-oxidation oolongs, red teas, smoked and roasted teas, and fermented and aged teas such as old Shou Mei and Shu Pu'er. This would also make an excellent pot for aged Sheng Pu'er. 

Due to the porosity of the clay, this pot should be dedicated to a single type or category of tea. The clay will absorb the flavor and character of the tea and amplify those aspects, improving the tea after many uses.