Straw Hat Yixing Purple Sand Teapot

Xiao Zhu Xuan

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143.00 Grams
150 mL

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The "Straw Hat" shape refers to the iconic conical hats worn by Chinese farmers to protect them from the sun and rain. The softly-angular lid marries beautifully with the round body of the pot, giving the impression of a tubby little being wearing a straw hat. This shape is a natural design for the wheel-thrown style of pottery practiced in Chaozhou, and this distinctive shape is very common among Chaozhou teapots. The first Chaozhou pots I really fell in love with were of this design. 

Made from high quality Yixing Zisha, the celebrated Purple Sand Clay, this is the only Straw Hat pot we got in this batch. It has an especially elegant sense about it, from the gentle lip of the lid to the way the loop handle extends kinetically from the round body, almost as though it were thrown off the spinning form and collapsed back in like a solar flare. 

Due to their porosity, Zi Sha pots should never be cleaned with soap or abrasives, and should be dedicated to a single type of tea. Raised in this way, they will develop a deep lustre and take on the flavor and character of the tea, amplifying it. This 150 ml pot is suitable for all Oolongs, Red Teas, Pu'er and Hei Cha. It would also be excellent for pressed, Aged White Teas, as the round body leaves plenty of room for the tea to expand.