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Kessho & West China Tea

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Tea and chocolate pair perfectly with each other, and West China Tea has been hosting tea and chocolate tastings for nearly a decade now. We've partnered with Austin/Shanghai-based chocolate makers Kesshō to create a bespoke tasting box that pairs four of our farm-direct teas with Kesshō's bean-to-bar chocolates inspired by the flavors of Asian and Western cuisines. This flight balances the richness and dynamic tastes of the chocolate with complementary teas to bring out unique flavors that only exist in the interface between the two.

Each box contains four 60 gram bars of chocolate and eight 7 gram tea coins, and serves up to ten people:

Boba Milk Chocolate x Nannuo Sun-Dried Red

The classic cream, tea, and brown sugar profile of boba milk tea made with Ecuadorian cacao pairs naturally with the crisp, palate-cleansing flavor of our Nannuo Sun-Dried Red.

Himalayan Salt Dark Chocolate x Man Le Shu Pu'er

Pu'er is traditionally traded and consumed in the southern Himalayas, where it is boiled with salt. This pairing evokes that ancient combination, highlighting the complexities of Himalayan cacao with sea salt and our rich, earthy Man Le Shu Pu'er.

Mulled Wine Dark Chocolate x Moonlight White

Moonlight white is a malty Yunnan white tea that is simply dried to create a sweet, soft profile that makes the perfect foundation for the rum, marsala, cointreau, and spices that give this unique bar its distinctive character.

Lamb Skewer Goat Milk Chocolate x Sticky Rice Sheng Pu'er

This pairing features Kesshō's singular opus, a chocolate bar inspired by China's iconic grilled lamb skewers. Made with goat milk, this bar features the classic cumin-chili seasoning that is synonymous with this late-night street food delicacy. We pair it with our Sticky Rice Sheng Pu'er; the bright acidity of the sheng pu'er cuts through the rich spices, while the toasted grain notes brings out the sweetness of the Ugandan cacao and goat milk. Save this pairing for last - the flavors of the lamb chocolate will overpower whatever you taste after it!


We recommend the following procedure for enjoying these pairings:

1. Prepare the tea according to our steeping instructions, which you can access by following the QR code on the included insert.

2. Take a few moments to enjoy the tea by itself, without any chocolate, to prepare your palette.

3. When the coin is beginning to fully open - usually on the 3rd steeping or so - pair it with the chocolate by taking a bite of chocolate and drinking a sip of the tea while the chocolate is still in your mouth. The hot tea will melt the chocolate and allow the combination of the flavors to fully emerge.

4. Cleanse the palette with another sip of tea, and enjoy the rest of the bar and pot as desired before moving onto the next pairing.

We hope you enjoy this pairing flight as much as we've enjoyed designing it. After many years of sharing the magic of tea and chocolate with our friends in Austin, we're excited for you to be able to enjoy it at home with your loved ones.