Tea Coin Monthly Allowance

West China Tea

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Your monthly allowance of our adorable, convenient, and delicious Nannuo Mountain Tea Coins. Each coin is made of high-grade whole-leaf tea hand-processed by Master Li Shulin of Nannuo Mountain. Thirty coins delivered to your door each month, so you can have one pot every day (just about). We'll be supplying you with a selection of our 4 most popular tea coins:

Gu Shu Sheng Pu'er - Bright, clear, and refreshing Ancient Tree sheng Pu'er with robust Qi. Great for waking up.

Sun-Dried Red - A rich, robust, fruity red tea (aka black tea), minimally processed for a sweet flavor with little astringency.

Big Tree Moonlight White - Light, floral, and sweet. Low in caffeine. This white tea is produced from tea trees of advanced age.

Wild White - Sun-dried leaves of the Camellia crassicolumna plant, which is caffeine free. A great way to end the day.

Each subscription includes six to nine coins of each type. Put them in your bag, your pocket, your desk drawer - never be without quality tea!