Three Friends of Winter Travel Set 歲寒三友旅行茶具


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300.00 Grams
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This gorgeous tea set has an undeniable appeal. Its chic red, round case conveys a more modern sensibility than most of our other sets. It is the only travel set we currently carry that features a teapot instead of a gaiwan, and it's also made of stoneware instead of porcelain. The round case perches on four rivets, and its custom foam interior cradles an elegant tea set for two. Glazed with a beautiful orange glaze reminiscent of lacquer, the 140 ml teapot and two matching cups are decorated with pine, plum blossoms, and bamboo - a motif known as the "Three Friends of Winter" common in Chinese art. The teapot and gong dao bei pour crisply and beautifully, and the whole set fits perfectly on the included wooden tray. This is one of the most beautiful travel tea sets we've ever seen.