Used Snow & Fog Travel Set


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2,407.00 Grams

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A beautiful, complete Gan Pao style gong fu tea set for four rendered in snowy Dehua porcelain in an elegant fog-grey carrying case. Set includes:

A tall, slender 135 ml gaiwan

Handleless gong dao bei

4 tall cups with saucers

Cloud-shaped tea hat (lid rest)

Waste water bowl

150 cubic centimeter tea caddy

Bamboo gan pao tray

Bamboo tea leaf display

Bamboo tongs

Bamboo scoop

Lotus pattern tea cloth


Fill the tea caddy with your favorite tea and you’re ready to serve tea anywhere - at a friend’s house, a picnic, or a party. A beautiful, complete first tea set for a beginner; an elegant luxury for a seasoned tea lover.