Xi Piao Yixing Duanni/Zisha Clay Teapot

Xiao Zhu Xuan

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156.00 Grams
140 mL

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Xi Piao Yixing Purple Sand Teapot (喜瓢, Xǐ Piáo, “Happy Dipper") - This charming teapot conveys a joyful sensation, with its plump body resting on three round feet. Xi Piao shares the character 瓢 with another classic teapot shape, shí piáo 石瓢, which often gets translated as "Stone Weight". The character generally refers to a type of bamboo ladle, and this teapot's curvy, organic shape certainly evokes softness and the feeling of nature. Made from a blend of zisha "purple sand" and duan ni "fortified" Yixing clays, this pot's round shape makes it perfect for expansive teas like rolled oolongs and aged whites. This teapot is relatively large at 180 ml. 


180 ml