Yellow Chrysanthemum + Red Tea Dragon Ball 黃菊紅茶龍求

Li Shulin

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8.00 Grams
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Yellow Chrysanthemum + Red Tea Dragon Ball (黃菊紅茶龍求, Huángjú Hóng Chá Lóng Qiú, "Yellow Chrysanthemum Red Tea Dragon Ball") - This is part of a series of flower dragon balls that we commissioned from Li Shulin by request for a special order. We liked them so much that we decided to add them to our catalog. Made with Li's sun-dried Dian Hong (Yunnan Red Tea), each dragon ball features a single yellow chrysanthemum flower. Yellow chrysanthemum, like white chrysanthemum, is one of the most tradtiional and widespread herbal infusions in China. Purported to have various benefits that are beyond the scope of this description, we enjoy them for the classic, crisp, and earthy flavor they impart. This tea is beautiful to look at and the character of the chrysanthemum pairs beautifully with Li's sweet, rich red tea. Each dragon ball weighs ~7 grams and produces a full-bodied, long-lasting pot of tea.