1000 Coins: Huang Pian Sheng Pu'er Tea Coin 黃片生幣 WHOLESALE

Li Shulin

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Huang Pian Sheng Pu'er Tea Coin (黃片生幣, Huáng Piàn Shēng Bì, "Yellow Leaves Sheng Coin") - The name of this tea refers to the older leaves of the Pu'er plant. Tea in general is produced from the new growth of the tea plant, which is a long-lived perennial that sends forth new leaves seasonally, most notably in the spring. The new leaves and unopened leaf-buds are what make up high grade Chinese tea as we are most familiar with it. The farmers, after selling off the most valuable part of their crop, will retain and drink the yellowed older leaves for themselves. These leaves are much larger and more mature than normal tea. Many Pu'er farmers, especially seniors, actually prefer the robust taste of these less refined lower leaves, as well as the warmer and more mellow Qi. Our Huáng Piàn are from the large leaf Pu'er trees of Nannuo Mountain, ranging in age from a decade to several centuries old. They produce a stout Sheng Pu'er with a smooth, dry mouthfeel, golden liquor, notes of leather and old library, and milder flavor and energy than most young Shengs.

This tea coin includes 7g of pressed tea. The base color of the wrapper is green, indicating that it is a Sheng Pu'er. The ring and bat are white, indicating that this tea is made from standard leaves. A note: with this tea, as indicated above, these standard leaves have been allowed to mature on the plant.