1000g Amanita 紅因 WHOLESALE

Lin Yaobin

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Amanita (紅因, Hóng Yīn, "Red Cause") - Hóng Yīn refers to the mushroom Amanita, and this tea is one of the ancestral breeds that lends its genetics to the rest of the Phoenix oolongs. Descended from the foundational oolong varietal - called, incidentally, Wū Lóng 烏龍 ("Oolong") - Amanita gave rise to the varietal Shuǐ Xiān, which is the direct ancestor of the 10 original breeds of Phoenix Oolong. Being an ancestral strain, it has a bouquet of complex floral and fruit notes, presumably the genetic source material for the multitude of Phoenix breeds with their specific and narrowly-defined fragrances.