10g Old Cha Tou 老茶頭

Li Shulin

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10.00 Grams

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Old Cha Tou (老茶頭, Lǎo Chá Tóu, "Old Tea Heads") - Cha Tou or "Tea Heads" are dense aggregations of tea leavecs that naturally form in piles of Shu Pu'er during the fermentation process. Normally found mixed in with the rest of the batch, when separated out from the loose leaves they are prized for their complexity and creamy, slightly sweet taste that has been likened to butterscotch (in an earthy way). These old cha tou are sourced from batches of Nannuo Mountain Small-pile fermented Shu Pu'er made by Li Shulin between 2004-2010. Their advanced age gives them a rich petrichor profile that highlights the natural minerality of Nannuo Mountain Pu'er. Their Qi is downbearing, grounding, and calming.