30g Zao Xiang Bai 棗香白

Du Yun

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30.00 Grams
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Zao Xiang Bai (棗香白, Zǎo Xiāng Bái, "Date Fragrance White") - This tea comes from Du Yun in central Guizhou, just southeast of the capital, Guiyang, and is a version of our Unfolding Path Cave Aged White. It was first produced using a different patch of tea plants than our normal Unfolding Path in 2021 and the result had a rich, dark sweetnes and a fragrance reminiscent of Hong Zao, the Chinese jujube, also known as the Chinese red date. The resulting tea was different enough from our normal Unfolding Path that it warranted being a tea in its own right. Though the local variety that this tea is from does not have a proper name, it is a high elevation small-leaf varietal that grows at about 1200m. The tea is first processed with a sun-withering until partially dry, it is then very gently massaged. Once this is complete, the tea is stored in ceramic jars and then cured in a cave near the fields for 1-2 days. The soup has a beautiful tawny color, the flavor has notes of date syrup which is augmented by its eponymous jujube aroma.