50g Tai Cha Maojian 苔茶毛尖

Xiang Ge

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50.00 Grams
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Tai Cha Maojian (苔茶毛尖, Tái Chá Máojiān, "Tai Cha Hairy Points") - Tái Chá is the name of a regional breed of tea plant from Shiqian, Guizhou. Like the Pu'er plants of Yunnan, Tái Chá trees can live for more than a thousand years. Tái Chá is green in the early spring and ripens to purple as the weather warms, and was traditionally used to make Guàn Guàn Chá, a rustic style of green and fermented tea reminiscent of Pu'er (except with smaller leaves, as Tái Chá is part of the small-leaf branch of the tea plant family). Máojiān is a vernacular style of green tea, similar to other green teas named Máojiān or Máo Fēng throughout China. It is a 2 leaf 1 bud pluck, resulting in a refreshing, robust tea with a delicate downy sweetness. The Tái Chá contributes a distinctive sandalwood-bamboo fragrance to this unique green tea.