50g Thunderstruck 雷公打

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Thunderstruck (雷公打, Léigōng Dǎ, "Struck by Leigong, the Chinese God of Thunder") - According to local legend, this Phoenix Oolong, originally an 8 Immortals plant, was struck by lightning nearly 100 years ago. While half of the plant died, the other half remained but with altered Qi and has since been cloned many times over. Our version is the tea from the 2nd and 3rd generation clones. The demi-sweet fragrance of this tea is similar to that of kettle-corn and translates into a fuller sweetness in the after-fragrance; a slight buttery savor in the mouthfeel; and hints of toffee, brûléed apricot, and grape jus. While the flavor profile is recognizably similar to 8 Immortals, the Qi is far more clarifying and crown centric and can also be electric and unpredictable.

2 Reviews

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    Fabulous, buzzy qi...

    Posted by S. C. on Sep 24th 2023

    I'm absolutely enthralled by this tea. However, while the flavor is lovely -rich roasted notes at the beginning quickly open up into a complex melange of heady vanilla, balsamic notes reminiscent of both the refined richness of a Trat oud and the skanky muskiness of an Indian oud, a rich bouquet of tropical flowers I can't quite put my finger on, a distinct animalic note reminiscent of aged civet (sounds weird and shouldmbe off putting, but it's really delightful), and an exotic fruitiness I can't quite place, with a wonderful mix of stone fruit, oud, an animal musk (a bit like civit, a bit like ambgris, a bit like hyraceum, but more interesting in agrigate than either alone), and the caramel notes of Creme Brule or Flan on the exhale- but it's the qi that has me entranced. It's buzzy, penitrating, and very head centric, with a particular focus on the crown of the head and down across the brow, and after the initial jolt it cascades down the body with a spiraling tingle that's absolutely delightful. I'm using it as an adjunct to meditation, qi gong, and before doing remote viewing sessions, and the effects are fabulous. In short, this is a new fixture in my daily drinker collection, and I plan to keep it in there as long as So Han has it for sale. An absolutely wonderful tea altogether...

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    Posted by Warren Auyong on Jan 28th 2021

    Saw this in your youtube video regarding phoenix oolongs and just had to try it. Yes it does taste similar to the eight immortals but slightly different. Can't put my finger on what the difference is but regardless its delicious.