7g Immortal Dew Gu Shu Sheng Pu'er Tea Coin 神仙古樹生幣

Li Shulin

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7.00 Grams
Ancient Tree:
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Immortal Dew Gu Shu Sheng Pu'er Tea Coin (神仙古樹生幣, Shén Xiān Gǔ Shù Shēng , "Immortal Ancient Tree Sheng Coin") - This tea is a single-farm, single-mountain ancient tree Sheng Pu'er tea grown and processed by master Li Shulin of Nannuo mountain. It is a blend of three ancient tree patches on Nannuo Mountain: Duoyi, Banpo, and Shitou. These patches are known for their sweet, fragrant, and bitter characters respectively that produce a balanced blend. Limited quantities of ancient tree material mean that producing one large batch of a blend of different patches is more economical than focusing on specific ancient tree patches, although the market has been tending more toward the single-patch teas as consumers grow more sophisticated. This balanced, easy-to-steep tea makes a great introduction to the soft, sweet character and uplifting Qi of high quality ancient tree Sheng Pu'er without being prohibitively expensive. 

This tea coin includes 7g of pressed tea. The base color of the wrapper is green, indicating that it is a Sheng Pu'er. The ring and bat are gold, indicating that this tea is made from Gǔ Shù 古樹 ("Ancient Tree") leaves.

1 Review

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    Juicy, Energizing, Long Lasting

    Posted by Nicholas Roberts on Feb 20th 2024

    This tea is a little astringent, a little bit fruity, juicy and bold. The qi is focusing and energizing. Reminds me just a little bit of the energy drink feel and twang on the tongue, but without the nasty bitterness that likes to stick around. Once the slight bitterness passes the palette it's gone and it leaves behind a nice fruity sweetness I really found pleasant. I really like the aroma in this tea as well, hints of tree of sap, more of that fruity sweetness, I'm excited to compare my tasting notes to some of the other Sheng Pu'ers they sent me to see if you can really notice the age of the tree or not as they advertise. This tea *did* stay potent deep into my brewing, I did maybe 10 steeps and didn't lose strength, probably stopped getting stronger around steep 4 once the leaves really opened up, but even after 10 it was as strong as it had been on 4. I didn't go further because I picked this one too late in the day, but I'd like to see how far I can push it when I get more of this, and I will be getting a bigger cake of it, me and my S/O were both *very* satisfied with this tea!