Tea for Two Bundle

West China Tea

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652.00 Grams

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This product includes 

1x Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain Travel Set 

1x Mystery Tea Coin Deck 

1x Intro to Gong Fu Cha Class

The Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain Travel Set is an exquisite two-person travel set is made of luminous Mutton Fat Jade Porcelain from Dehua, Fujian. The creamy texture and ethereal glow of this clay are the result of a specific ratio of flux to Kaolin, which must fall within an extremely narrow window to produce a matte finish while remaining translucent. The elegant design consists of a ~120 ml pitcher with a beautiful, clean pour. Nested inside of it is a pierced porcelain strainer with fast-draining micro-perforated bottom and decorative pierced cloud motif on the sides that also help to control drainage. It comes with two ~30 ml egg-shaped cups. All the pieces stack safely and seamlessly together and zip up into a form-fitting hard case roughly the size of a mango. Perfect for sharing tea on the go, this set is beautiful and functional enough to be a home-use or office-use tea set for two.

The Mystery Tea Coin Deck is a convenient, beautiful, fun jar that holds a random assortment of ten different tea coins. Each coin is a ~7g cake of farm-direct whole leaf tea by tea farmer and tea master Li Shulin, produced and pressed exclusively for West China Tea and wrapped in our custom visually-coded logo wrappers. You can tell what kind of tea is in each coin just by looking at the wrapper - the different elements of the logo represent whether the tea inside is sheng pu'er, shu pu'er, white, red, or herbal, as well as whether the tea is from purple leaves, ancient trees, etc. The convenient single-serving size means no more crushed dust at the bottom of a bag, and no tedious measuring or dosing - just unwrap a coin, and pop it in your new Mutton Fat Jade Travel Set! Our jars are made of durable glass with a bamboo lid featuring the West China Tea logo and silicone seal to keep your tea fresh and secure. Great for beginners looking to expand their palate, and game-changer for experienced tea servers looking to minimize the footprint of their portable tea service. 

The Intro to Gong Fu Cha Class provides an overview of the Chinese and English names of the components of a tea set and their function, covers three foundational steeping modalities to equip you to skillfully serve any kind of loose-leaf tea, and gives clear and thorough instruction in the use of the Gaiwan, whose skills are transferrable when using this dazzling set!