Phoenix Oolong Flight - Lin Yaobin

Lin Yaobin

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The world of Phoenix Oolongs is possibly the most diverse single category. Not only are there hundreds of different breeds, some of them very obscure and limited to a single family, but the skill and style of the master who roasts them comes to bear greatly on the final expression. We source Phoenix oolongs from three different tea farmers. Our initial Phoenix tea flight features teas by Master Lin Yao Bin of Chao’an, whose family has been growing and processing tea in the Phoenix Mountains for 6 generations. His unique processing style involves an initial electric roast followed by a traditional charcoal roast. This technique brings out some of the more subtle floral characteristics of medium-oxidized Phoenix teas while giving them the depth of traditional hand-processed oolong. 

This flight features a sampling of some of the teas where Lin’s technique really shines. Magnolia Fragrance and Tuberose Fragance are classic breeds known for their floral bouquets that give them their names. Amanita is one of the ancestral breeds that gave rise to the Phoenix oolong family - one generation after Wulong and one generation before Shui Xian. Hidden From the Gods is one of the aforementioned “family breeds” that was initially developed by Lin’s grandfather. The Lin family is the only purveyor of this cultivar.

Included in this flight:

-30g Magnolia Fragrance

-30g Wulong Oolong

-30g Hidden From The Gods

-30g Amanita