Unto Purity Dragon Ball 至純白茶龍球

Heng Yi

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5.00 Grams

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Unto Purity (至純白茶, Zhì Chún Bái Chá, "Unto Purity") is a wild white tea produced by Mabian tea master Heng Yi. A native of Mabian, he was introduced to the wild trees growing in the mountains near his home by his grandfather when he was a child. He has spent the past 25 years honing his skill as a tea master, learning to process green, red, white, and yellow teas. Other wild white teas that we source from him include Inner Sun, Emily Bing, and Unto Truth. Unto Purity is made of the same starting material as Unto Truth but is pressed into a 5 gram dragon ball. It produces a rich buttercream-scented golden liquor as the large, semi-oxidized leaves unfurl. A tea with exceptional longevity for 5 grams, it attains a distinctive dried apricot character after the fifth or sixth steeping.