6 Chinese Tea Types Flight

West China Tea

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60.00 Grams
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While there may be thousands of different teas, they are categorized into 6 overarching categories. Even in China, most people haven't tried all of them. For the first time we've lined up a flight with one tea from each category: White, Green, Yellow, Oolong, Red, and Black.

This flight explores the transformative capacity of tea leaves in the hands of a skilled artisan. Embark on a journey across the spectrum of tea oxidation from green to yellow to oolong and finally red tea, as well as experiencing the naturalistic sun-dried white teas and the fermented heichas. These teas encompass dozens of different processes and techniques and come from different corners of China, taking the drinker on a tour of the breadth of Chinese tea culture.

Teas included in this flight:

10g 2020 Hindsight White Peony 
10g Su Mao Feng
10g Lychee Gummy Yellow
10g Jade Tie Guan Yin
10g Nannuo Sun-Dried Red Tea
10g Rain Butter Shu Pu'er